A material for the future—Strength and flexibility CNF

What is CNF?

CNF is an abbreviation for “Cellulose NanoFiber”. It is an ultra-fine fiber obtained by finely loosening plant fibers such as wood to nano size (*), that is one-fifth lighter and five times as strong as iron. It is an innovative and cutting-edge biomaterial, a renewable resource as it is derived from plants. It has a unique performance that is different from traditional paper pulp.

* One nano is one-millionth of a millimeter. About 1/10000 to 1/5000 of the thickness of the hair.

Equipping thick plate-shaped molded body

The material used for Revoldia CNF is a molded body made by combining CNF and pulp fiber into a plate shape. CNF compound ratio is increased as much as possible while considering production efficiency, and it became higher in strength than general plastics.The high ratio of CNF is the key to bring high-performance to the blade.

A new kind of blade made possible by CNF

Butterfly had been paying attention to CNF early on, and started developing a CNF blade in 2014 in collaboration with Daio Paper Corporation, a major Japanese paper manufacturer. In 2017, we applied for a patent in Japan, proving that the power of a ball hit could be enhanced by equipping CNF on a table tennis blade. A patent was granted in May 2019 and Daio Paper announced our success. And in 2020, we are glad to launch the finished Revoldia CNF blade to the markets all over the world.

Bounce of “outer” and long dwell time of “inner”

Outer plywood structure that could take full advantage of the features of CNF is the right answer con-ducted after trial and error by the Butterfly R & D team. The blade has both high reaction and low vibration property that until now could not be realized by equipping traditional artificial fibers. This is an unprecedented blade with long dwell time of all-wood or Innerfiber blades without losing its high-speed performance.

“Never before” is a new option for you

Revoldia CNF would be a new option for players who aim at a higher level. The Revoldia CNF enables sharp shots on any distance to the table. This blade with a long dwell time also enables improved accuracy of counter topspin close to the table, and stabilization of top-spin against backspin.

Recommended rubber combinations

Dignics 09C: For accurate net technique and powerful counter top-spin close to the table
Tenergy 80 : For all-round play close to the table and at mid-distance
Dignics 64: For powerful play at variable distance with focus on speed

Dignics 09C
Tenergy 80
Dignics 64


Revoldia CNF

Revoldia CNF

High reaction and long dwell time
Reaction property: 11.7
Vibration property: 9.5
5-ply wood + Cellulose Nanofiber
Made in Japan

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